When you visit any business, you expect and want great customer service. You want to receive a friendly greeting when you walk in. You want prompt, attentive ¬†service. You want to feel in control. And you want to know that you business is greatly appreciated so that when you leave, you will return with future business. Anything short of these expectations and you’re disappointed, at the very least!

Your customers want the same kind of service. They want that same feeling. They want to feel appreciated and willing to return for future business. Anything short of these expectations and THEY ARE disappointed! Their disappointment will spread to their friends and family, too!

Your mindset must be that it is a privilege for you to receive the public’s business! You need to exceed their customer service expectations, not just meet them. Customer service extends to not just how customers are treated, but also to eliminating “coffee stains”. Coffee stains are those little things that can truly impact your business, that you have control over – dirty windows, floors need mopping and stained carpets, for example.¬†In this economy, you need to provide your customers with premier service to make customers want to return and so they will give you that free, positive word of mouth advertising!

Learn how to go that extra mile and provide your customers with the best experience. Get rid of coffee stains and improve the general atmosphere of your business. Learn how to smile and be a “star” performer on the telephone. Learn how to make the customer feel they’re right, even when they’re not!

Treat your customers the way you want to be treated! Customer service will make or break your business! Contact us today to earn your customers business and keep it!