We provide practical approaches to leadership challenges affecting today’s organizations through educational and training programs. Our programs are tailored to the organization’s needs, determined through an in-depth, but simplistic assessment of issues facing the effectiveness of the organization’s leaders and employees.

Every organization faces issues that challenge its leaders. These challenges, more often than not, revolve around employees…and therein lay the problem – the human challenge. Unlike systematic challenges that can be resolved through a specific process, leaders must evaluate the individual(s) involved and approach the situation from varying angles to best resolve the situation.

Our education programs can last from a week to several months. During this time, our clients see a “reconnect” between the leaders and employees. The reconnection process is the most critical in relation to management innovations – allowing employees to be creative and the leaders accepting those creative thoughts and ideas.

Training programs involve one or two-day classroom instructions. These instructional seminars provide the basic to intermediate level of knowledge to first line supervisors and mid-level managers. Topics covered are: leadership attributes, employee retention, workplace negativity, performance appraisals, and more.