One of the hottest topics for law enforcement agencies across the nation is Property & Evidence Room Management and agencies with troubled evidence rooms are becoming very common. No longer can evidence rooms be considered the “red-headed step child” of the agency – they can make or break an agency.

A comprehensive 8-hr or the advanced 16-hr course provides:

  • Laws 
  • Packaging
  • Property Room Design
  • Property Room Security
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Dispositions
  • Forms
  • Purging / Destructions
  • Using temporary storage locations
  • Organization / Responsibilities
  • Internal & External Audits
  • Managing / Supervising in Property Rooms

These questions and more, are answered to your satisfaction:

When was your last audit?

Do you have SOP’s and if so, when was the last time they were updated?

How often do you purge?

Are firearms, drugs and money stored separately?

How are evidence with biological fluids packaged?

What are your responsibilities as an evidence room technician?

What are your procedures for obtaining dispositions?

What is the type of property that can be released the quickest and where should it be stored?

What thickness of plastic should be used to prevent leakage and cross-contamination?

Knowledge and Experience

As a 4-term past President of Texas Association of Property & Evidence Inventory Technicians, coupled with 25 years of experience, I know what matters to you and your department. I know that all agencies don’t have the budget to build the state-of-the-art facility, or have the best evidence tracking software with all the “bells and whistles”, or the best shelving on the market. What I do know are “work-arounds” – ways to meet the desired result for a fraction of the cost, without compromising the evidence!

I serve on a State of Texas work group committee revising and keeping current laws and “best practices” relating to biological evidence.

I have spoken to the Texas Criminal Justice Integrity Unit, chaired by a Justice on the Court of Criminal Appeals on “Evidence Room Awareness”. I have also authored articles on evidence storage and packaging.

I also provide training seminars to police chiefs, sheriffs and command staff on evidence room awareness. This seminar explains the perils of evidence rooms, the most pressing issues for evidence rooms and evidence room technicians, and what to do when the media comes knocking! If your agency is interested in hosting this one-day seminar and receiving free slots, send us an email and we’ll provide you with the necessary information.

“We hired John to provide training, John classroom presentation was well done, he provide the latest available information and he was very reasonable in cost. His personality and teaching methods were well received by attendees of training. I would recommend and use John again to provide training.” February 23, 2012

Michael Hagy, NCT-COG